We Must Keep Our Democracy Safe As a Nation

Safeguard of our Democracy As a Nation

The 2020 general decisions, their result, and by and large direct of political parts in Ghana call for calm reflection on what popular government and democratization mean and the discussion in transit forward.

As indicated by American political researcher Larry Diamond, majority rule government comprises of four key components: a political framework for picking and supplanting the public authority through free and reasonable decisions; the dynamic investment of the individuals, as residents, in legislative issues and urban life; and insurance of the common liberties, all things considered.

The idea of vote based system is that chosen authorities are responsible to the individuals, and they should re-visitation of the electors at masterminded spans to look for their command to proceed in office. Thus, most fair constitutions give that races are held at fixed standard stretches.

The word popular government comes from two Greek words – ‘demos’ (individuals) and ‘kratos’ (rule). Hence, the word signifies ‘rule by the individuals’, at times called ‘well known power’, and can allude to immediate, participatory and agent types of rule by the individuals.

Popular government is likewise rule of law; responsibility; opportunities of affiliation, get together, assessment and articulation; fairness; and responsiveness. This guesses that even the individuals who make the laws are dependent upon similar laws they make. At the end of the day, nobody is exempt from the rules that everyone else follows.

Today, majority rule government has accepted a particularly certain significance worldwide that even the most oppressive frameworks attempt to associate themselves with this positive picture.

Shockingly, and in the expressions of Macdonald Chipenzi – the Director, Foundation for Democratic Process: “What we find in Africa currently is an emergency in vote based system: self-intrigued and inert governments that have double-crossed the goals of African popular government’s initiators.”

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At present, Uganda embodies the emergency of vote based system – with Yoweri Museveni clutching power following 35 years, having penetrated the two-term residency a few times.

This emergency of popular government almost immersed Ghana, if what we saw during the new appointment of the Speaker of Eighth Parliament of the Fourth Republic is to be paid attention to. In spite of some intrinsic shortcomings, majority rule government has developed throughout the years from pluralism to participatory to agent, established on the standard of law.

The Rule Of Law

In basic terms, in a majority rule government, a chosen delegate partakes in making laws however is as yet limited by the law. When passed, the law is preeminent – not the individuals who made the law. Agents can take an interest in changing a law, however until it is changed, everybody should comply with it. Prior to that, rulers asserted that they had been selected by God to run (the heavenly right of rulers) and were consequently, exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else. The rule included is that a general public ought to have the option to tie itself by the standards it aggregately has picked, and no individual or foundation ought to be outside the guidelines so picked.

The Electoral System

There can be no maintainable majority rule government without a dependable appointive framework. All in all, the methods for picking agents is fundamental to making majority rule government work. Thus, governments have put human and monetary assets in improving the discretionary framework.

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As we may have seen in the 2008 and 2012 decisions, innate shortcomings in discretionary methods altogether decided the result of a political race.

The typical standard of decisions is that the side with most votes wins; yet it is consistently critical to recollect that this doesn’t mean those with the most votes are correct: it simply implies that since a larger number of individuals decided in favor of Party An instead of Party B, An unquestionable requirement be acknowledged until the following political race allows individuals to change to B on the off chance that they so wish. Lion’s share decide will in general accept that any issue has just different sides.

Notwithstanding, we should be reminded that official races are not a hand off race wherein parties pass on the rod. The electorates choose, and we should acknowledge the desire of the individuals. Basically, an ideological group may win more parliamentary seats in every political race however could lose the official political race if the electorates choose to cast a ballot an alternate way from the parliamentary vote.

Along these lines, the underlying presumption by one gathering that they won greater part situates in Parliament and normally won the official political race was defective. The official and parliamentary decisions are two separate races, and should consistently be introduced thusly.

Political Candor

Political openness is basic to the achievement of majority rule government. From the earliest starting point of the constituent changes in front of the 2020 races, resistance pioneers had mocked each endeavor to advance straightforward and reasonable decisions.

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The resistance applicant, John Dramani Mahama, had expressed that except if the political race turned out well for him, it would be considered as imperfect. This plan saturated the mind of resistance allies.

As was anticipated, the official political race result was dismissed by John Dramani Mahama dependent on assumptions of a ‘imperfect political decision’. At first, the impression had been made that applicant John Dramani Mahama won the political decision despite the fact that Mrs. Jean Mensa, the Electoral Commissioner, declared Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the decision New Patriotic Party as the champ.

The reason for dismissal was that Mrs. Mensa wrongly reported the ‘all out votes cast’, instead of the absolute ‘substantial’ votes cast. Despite the fact that she revised the peculiarity daily after the political decision, the resistance stayed resolute.

Political Misunderstanding

Accordingly, the National Democratic Congress called their allies onto the roads: and they reacted by blockading streets, vandalizing boards, littering the roads and consuming lorry tires.

Consequently, the resistance authority downsized their interest to be announced champ of the official races to requiring a re-run of surveys between their applicant and the President-elect. This reconsidered position shapes the center of the political race appeal at the Supreme Court.

As indicated by the 1992 Constitution, the main choice for looking for review in political race related debates is the court. Some good natured Ghanaians will be asking why the resistance depended on viciousness prior to looking for review at the courts.


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