Video: Meet ICT Teacher Who Connects Keyboard To A Drawn Computer On The Board During Class Lessons

A young Ghanaian teacher, Akundaare Paul Awinbisa has become an internet sensation after a video of him teaching his students Information Processing Cycle in ICT class by connecting a real keyboard to a computer he had drawn on a blackboard started gaining momentum online.

Speaking exclusively to, Akundaare Paul Awinbisa said he’s National Service personnel who has been posted to Sikabiisi Junior High School, a school located in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region as a specialist in Infomation and Communication Technology (ICT).

He revealed since the school lacks the basic requisites to enable him to teach the subject effectively he resorted to makeshift demonstrations in order to carry out his duty to the core especially when he got to the topic Information Processing Cycle.

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So in an attempt to make his students understand the topic and the term better, he borrowed a keyboard of the school’s office which actually happens to be the only ICT device in the school. drew a monitor and a CPU on the blackboard and tried to connecting the real keyboard to the CPU on the board and teach them how it works.

Watch video below;


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