VIDEO: Bullet penetrated spiritual man’s body during incantation upon calling his spiritual powers [Watch]

Unfortunate moment as Masquerade failed by his “spiritual powers” as bullets penetrate his body in new video.

A dramatic scene was recorded at the Masquerades festival in Igbope, Igboho in Oyo state as one of the masquarades was failed by his “spiritual powers”.

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Eyewitnesses said the masquerade was failed by his spiritual power as bullets penetrated his body during the festival.

Facebook user, Shitta Olajide Fasasi who shared a video from the scene wrote;

The magic power failed the masquerade !!!

And, Masquerade’s spiritual powers failed and the bullets penetrated his body during Masquerades festival in Igbope, Igboho, Oyo state two days ago.

Meanwhile, the Masquerade has been performing it in the past before this failure.

Only God, the almighty is the most powerful..

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Watch the video below;


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