TV, show case and Films: A Ghanaian point of view

“Laughing is the route in to the soul, mind and the human spirit”

TV, show case and Films: A Ghanaian point of view

Encountering adolescence in Ghana as an adolescent was empowering. It was the last piece of the 70s into the 80s. Gazing at the TV was uncommon fun, overflowing with splendid shows and activities.

My soonest memories go to “Fine the Bush Kangaroo”, “The Saint”- Simon Templar was the principal character and formed by Leslie Charteris – circulated in 1928 and 1963. Three men over time have gone about as “The Saint”. The exceptional Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy and Simon Dutton. “The Spy who loves me” by Ian Fleming, highlighting Roger Moore as the lead man, “The Cosby Show”, “Different Strokes “counting Gary Coleman, and films like “Oil” “Sound of Music”, ” Bruce Lee-The Way of the Dragon”, Indian Movies and on the close by scene-“Osofo Dadzie”, “Obra”, “Show Case in Ga, driven by Oketeku Dade Mensah or Ataa Mensah-Ebenezer Lartey, “Show Case in Ewe” drove by the person who calls himself “Rainbow Speaking”, Kwaw Ansah’s Movies, “Love Brewed in an African Pot” ” Heritage Africa, etc.

These shows were a subject of discussion among my associates at break time at Forces Primary School, Burma Camp Accra. A bit of my colleagues were Felix Dentu, Emmanuel Tettey (Dr.), Lynn Sharpe, Andrews Addy, Mabel Daley, Bridget Opata, Bright Obimpey, Oswald Mensah, Stanley Sam, Peter Ansah, George Sarpong, Mandy Oteng, Margaret Ansah, Cephas Tekpor, Asilfi Quaye, Emmanuel Torsu and my cousin Stephen Ayrakwa (Dr.).

Fine the Bush Kangaroo invigorated me such a great amount since it was about a Bush Kangaroo which was a pet of a little individual. They did ” cool things” together and when the child was in a troublesome circumstance he was saved by the Kangaroo. As far as I might be concerned, as a little individual who didn’t ponder Australia and Kangaroos, and seeing on TV that, it was attainable for a youngster to have a pet like a Kangaroo was hypnotizing and invigorating. It genuinely overpowered my mind to the extraordinary universe of inventive psyche about the forest area around me and possibly with a Kangaroo near to it is profoundly far-fetched any one (child or youngster) could lift their hands at me.

Without a doubt, I was furthermore captivated by “The Spy who worships me”. Ian Fleming had an amazing strategy for presenting characters that, made James Bond imperceptible and indestructible and Roger Moore-my favored James Bond had a canning technique for plunging into the character – he caused things to have all the earmarks of being simple and veritable. He was reliably a perfect work of art, bold and hypnotizing performer to see.

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The Cosby Show was a show-stopper, notwithstanding what Bill Cosby’s life has wound up being. May his offenses be pardoned. Regardless, the show was a challenging portrayal of what a ” African American family” could be – deferential, mindful, intellectually and expertly developed and proficient. Perhaps, the show may have made prepared and drawn in various Americans that, a Black individual could be the top of the free world – in this manner the completing the cycle arrangement of Barack Obama as president in 2008.

Different Strokes was an American sitcom TV game plan that flowed on NBC from November 1978 to May 1985 and on ABC from September 1985 to March 1986 and showed up on Ghanaian TV. The game plan highlighted Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges as Arnold Jackson and Willis Jackson. These two energetic African-American kin were from

Harlem taken in by a rich white Park Avenue business hotshot – Philip Drummond (Conrad Bain)

who was a solitary man and his young lady Kimberly (Dana Plato), for whom the youngsters died mother had been a specialist.

The course of action made stars out of Coleman, Bridges and Plato and got known for the “incredibly interesting scenes” in which troublesome issues, for instance, bias, unlawful drug use, alcohol dependence, mooching a ride, snatching and youth sexual abuse were fundamentally examined. The lives of these stars were later tortured by legitimate bothers, emotions, illegal medication use and budgetary ruin with Plato and Coleman suffering early passings in 1999 and 2010, separately. Tood Bridges appears, apparently, to be the principle projected individual from the four major characters living today.

Another fantastic film seen on Ghanaian TV was Grease. It was a splendid American melodic parody conveyed in 1978, including Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Olivia Newton John as Sandy Olsson, a worldwide understudy from Australia amassing in America. Danny and Sandy experience enthusiastic affections for anyway face challenges to monitor their relationship. Be that as it may, they fight vigorously to harden their fondness paying little mind to the odds against them. The film furthermore featured Stockard Channing as Betty Rizzo, the top of the Pink ladies. The dressing, hairdos and the imploding of sleeves of shirts was one of the various things little colleagues of my age in our days expected to duplicate. As far as I might be concerned, I by and large appreciated the tunes. “Summer Nights”.

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“Summer venerating had me an effect

Summer venerating happened so speedy

I met a youngster crazy for me

Met a child delightful as anybody would might suspect conceivable

Late spring days coasting endlessly to generous goodness the mid year nights

Uncover to me more, uncover to me more

Did you go anyplace

Uncover to me more, uncover to me more

Like does he have a vehicle

She swam by me she got a fit

He ran by me got my suit wet

I saved her life she practically choked

He paraded sprinkling around

Summer sun somethings began anyway gee golly the pre-summer nights

Uncover to me more, unveil to me more

Was it unexplainable love?

Uncover to me more, unveil to me more

Did she set up a fight?”.

Sound of Music was another model film that enchanted our thought on Ghanaian TV. It was a record of an Austrian Army Officer who was being called to commitment anyway had starting late lost his better half. The family was in lamenting and Captain Von Trapp ( the Canadian Legend – Christopher Plummer) didn’t want to leave his youths. The gathering of 7 little children required a guard. The assembly, sent an energetic brilliant order disciple – Maria (Julie Andrews) to empower the Army To true arrangement with the family. All the while, the Captain Von Trapp goes gaga for Maria and marries her. What was interesting about the story is the various heavenly songs that are sung all through the film – making it beguiling and brilliant to watch. The most notable tune in the ” Sound of Music” was –

” Do Re Mi”

“We should begin at the most punctual reference point

An astounding spot to start

Exactly when you read you start with ABC

Exactly when you sing you start with Do, Re, Mi, Do, Re, Mi

The underlying three notes basically end up being

Do, Re, Mi, Do, Re, Mi

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Te

Goodness we should check whether I can make it less complex

Do-A deer, a female deer

Re-A drop of splendid sun

Mi-A name I call myself

Fa-A long, long way to deal with run

So-A needle pulling string

La-A note to follow so

Te-A refreshment with jam and bread

That will return us to Do, charitable, goodness, goodness

Do-A deer, a female deer

Re-A drop of splendid sun

Mi-A name I call myself

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Fa-A long, long way to deal with run

So-A needle pulling string

La-A note to follow so

Te-A drink with jam and bread… .”

Chinese films were charming too. Particularly, Bruce Lee’s films ” Enter the Dragon” or ” The Way of Dragon ” familiar us with the oriental culture and the power of ” Kungfu “. It was impossible to watch him show his hand to hand battling capacities and how he got away from burden at whatever point he was cornered by his adversaries. He was indistinct.

Indian films were likewise empowering and standard in Ghana during the 1980s as well. The records generally discussed fondness, liberality, family and the general lndian culture. Indian tunes and move moves were shining and beguiling. You couldn’t finish an Indian film without being moved or adhered to the TV. It wandered significant into your soul.

On the local scene, the Osofo Dadzie show was the development setter on Ghanaian TV. The social affair was driven by Frimpong Manso. Other cast people were S.K. Oppong, Kwadjo Kwakye, Fred Addai, Akua Boahema, Kingsley Kofi Kyeremanting – also called Ajos, Bee Kisi, Akora Badu and

Asonaba Kwaku Darko – also called Super OD. All of these cast people were characters of their own. The show dealt with many testing issues of the time. The show was occasionally a portrayal or farce for some awful/crack direct showed up by an official or a chief or a teacher or a priest or reliably Joe in the family, organization or society when everything is said in done. The show held the moral high ground to rebuff or acclaim some extraordinary deed found in the overall population. Moreover, unquestionably, it was the last arbitrator for judgment or the teller of the real world. In such way, the Osofo Dadzie show held a certifiable impact on broad supposition and denouncement of terrible lead. It’s specific tune by the Osibisa Band says everything.

“We are going, Heaven knows where we going

We know we’re there.

We are going, Heaven knows where we are going, we know we’re

We will show up, Heaven knows how we will show up, We understand we will”

The Obra show – highlighting Grace Omaboe, David Dontor, etc and other TV shows proceeded with a comparable way getting fundamental popular narratives. Additionally, now and again, gave Osofo Dadzie a run for    

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