Top 5 Highest paying jobs in Ghana for unemployed [Check list]

In Ghana, financial stability on a job is usually the incentive for the courses studied in school.

However, jobs are very scarce and many people keep struggling to get good-paying jobs worth their qualifications.

Some Degree holders are earning amounts that even SHS leavers may not accept.

In this article, we take a look at some of the highest-paying jobs in Ghana.

So, if you want to secure that money bag, then you might know where to be headed after finishing this article.

Stick and stay as we take you through the top 5 highest paying jobs in Ghana.

1. Fuel Handling

Wondering if you read that one right? Well, you did.

Fuel handling is quite a lucrative job. But in this particular instance, we mean Aircraft Fuel Handling.

There are aircraft fueling agencies whose main job is to train willing individuals to carefully fuel an aircraft.

The individual is supposed to be able to calculate fuel measurements, volume, and weight to safely fuel an aircraft.

While standardly fueling the aircraft, it is expected of a fuel handler to fill transaction slips accordingly.

In Ghana, an aircraft fuel handler can earn up to GHS 12,000 monthly with other perks.

Remember that this job is a professional job which requires some knowledge of physics and mathematics. And you’ll also need to pass a professional certification exam to do this job.

This isn’t simply the highest-paying job in Ghana for no reason.

Fuel handling is a risky task that requires patience and tactfulness and it is just right that they’d be rewarded agreeably.

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Imagine an aircraft running out of fuel on a trip. You just can’t downplay the importance of this work.

It is one of the highest paying jobs in Ghana.

2. Shipping Supervising

Like every supervisory position, one is expected to coach subordinates to work to meet the company’s goals of productivity.

It is also important that employees in this job understand their tasks and sometimes, a delegation of authority is required by the supervisor.

In this job, supervisors are expected to oversee the shipping and reception of goods accordingly. It is their responsibility to read shipping notices, invoices and documents to be assured that orders are duly met.

While making sure that all safety precautions are taken, Shipping supervisors serve as a liaison between management and employees.

Shipping Supervising is one of the highest paying jobs in Ghana since supervisors go home with at least GHS 10,000 monthly.

3. Procurement

Procurement refers to the purchasing department of a company.

A procurement officer is in turn, an individual responsible for purchasing or obtaining products or services efficiently for an organization.

The job description of a procurement officer includes negotiating contracts, analyzing products or services to be obtained, managing cost-effective inventories, preparing budgets and reports as well as evaluating prospective suppliers.

Earning about GHS 8,000 monthly, a procurement officer is expected to naturally have a sharp analytical mind.

Procurement is one of the highest paying jobs in Ghana.

4. Account Management

With a good sense of humour, great negotiation skills, and interpersonal skills with an ability to generate ideas quickly, then you may be the next big account manager.

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The big companies and organizations don’t have time to connect directly with their clients and customers to communicate with them.

So, your job as an account manager is purely serving as a liaison between the organization and its customers.

Everywhere the customers can be found, you are supposed to be there to handle the brand’s communications with the customers.

This means that while building a strong and healthy relationship with a customer, an account manager’s best interest is always for the company.

And so, they pride themselves on negotiating contracts and deals that maximize profits for the company.

An account manager earns a little over GHS 6,000 monthly.

5. Project Management

Finally, at the bottom of our list is Project Management. This job is simply about handling projects for companies, organizations and brands.

A Project Manager’s responsibilities are group into 5 phases.

These are mainly the initiation of ideas, planning, execution, monitoring, and the close of a project.

The central idea is for you to make sure that the project ends without exceeding the budget and timeline.

A project manager is required to risk-assess projects before initiating them.

With constantly developed leadership skills, he or she must duly allocate resources needed to subordinates for work to be done.

Regularly, a Project Manager prepares reports on the status of ongoing projects for upper management.

In Ghana, project management is deemed a high-paying job as a worker in this position may go home with no less than GHS6000 monthly.

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Final Words

If you ever wondered which 5 jobs you can do in Ghana to bag some cool amounts of money monthly, then this list was for you!

These are just 5 of the highest paying jobs in Ghana. There are many other good-paying jobs in Ghana.

You just have to search for them and you’ll discover more interesting jobs that pay well. But in all of it, the most important thing is for you to develop so many skills and gain much experience.

Once you build a healthy CV and a good portfolio, you can get jobs that will pay you far more than what you see on this list.

Is your job listed here? Do you think your job or a friend’s job should have made this list?

Kindly let us know in the comment box below. We love to read your views.

These are just 5 of the highest paying jobs in Ghana. Even without experience, one could be quickly employed as these positions are in high demand.

It is important to know that, these above-mentioned jobs have been properly explained and you as an individual would know which one you would be able to fit into.

If you are unemployed, it is advisable to research and probably take a short course to do one of these jobs.

If you’re equally wondering what to study in school, one of these courses should be considered.


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