SHOCKING: Nurse Who Went Missing Found Dead Without Tongue And Fingers [Watch Video]

The 25-year old woman who went missing on 1 April 2021, has been found dead with missing body parts at Kwadaso in the Ashanti Region.

Anabelle Duah who was a graduate student of Kwadaso Midwifery and Nursing college has been murdered with missing body parts.

Anabelle completed her final exams last year September 2020, and graduated from nursing school, hoping to start her rotational nursing service this year.

She was the woman who loved and cherished good things, and many thought her death might have been related to those things.

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Anabelle liked expensive lifestyles though her parents were not rich family as her life made others think. Her mother Mrs Berlinda Duah is a meat seller at the Kwadaso market, whiles the father was a civil worker with the Kwadaso Educational service.

Anabelle after completing nursing school wanted to start a boutique of her own and sell wigs and clothes, but the father denied having funds for it and asked her to support the mother in her sales.

Anabelle was to help her mother make sales on her meat, whiles the mother travelled to the north to get stock. The mother travels to the north, and take all her stocks there since the market there is very cheap for wholesalers.

Anabelle on the 1 of April was to take control of the mother’s meat shop, while the mother was away. The father Mr Duah knew Anabelle was going to the market to sell for the mother on 1 April, and woke her up early and even refused her in doing household chores.

Anabelle’s little sister Slyvia was called to do the household chores, while Anabelle went to the market to sell the mother’s meat.

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The mother Berlinda and the father Mr Duah, all knew Anabelle was in the market selling the meat, not knowing she had closed the shop at twelve and hopped into a stranger’s car.

Anabelle did not show up on the 1 April for dinner at the house, and they thought she was packing her foods that made her late. They found out from the market women on the 2 April that, a car came to pick her up in the afternoon and nobody saw her again on that afternoon, until today when she was found dead.

They reported the case to the Kwadaso police who filed a police report for the parents to move from radio stations to information stations to announce the missing of their daughter on 3 April 2021.

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Anabelle was found in the afternoon, at the Kwadaso Presby school with missing fingers and tongue. All the fingers of her hands were gone, and they were freshly cut when she was found. Her tongue too was gone with marks all over her body.

The body which was found around noon, was been deposited at the hospital waiting for an autopsy report which will determine what killed her, while the police continue their investigations.


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