Shocking!! As lluminati Girl Reveals Some Towns In Accra And The Spirits Which Controls It

Illuminati Girl by the name Chantel reveals some certain towns in Accra and the spirit that controls it, how they operate and the time they operate.

She said with a fact that in areas like this you can never prosper in life whiles you keep on leaving there and even if you travel from there you will still come back.

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She said the spirits turn into Animals. And there are certain times they used to come into town to spy around and also collect spiritual tax from the women which sells there.

This area is James Town, a town in Accra and the Animals that the spirits turns into is a crow. Spiritually, Crows are the animals that curses death so if you see some around you or around your house that means something really bad is going to happen in your family if you be very prayerful.

With the spiritual taxes they use to collect from the people which sells there, it makes your financial problems very difficult and it also brings your business down.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

She said the are certain the Crows use to come to town than usual and the time is 1:00pm and go back and return at 5:00pm.

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And also there are times the Sun shines very high and when it changes someone will surely die and this is every Friday.

She also added that she is not trying to scare everyone but just want everyone to be cautious and be prayerful.


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