Pastor in trouble for murdering a 30-year old woman with ‘Holy Wine’

The kind of advise and practices some people who call themselves men of God, directs other people to do, has landed Pastor Jeremiah Anyiam into trouble. Jeremiah on the 16 of July, was introduced to one Betty who was in dare need or a child because her marriage was about to be collapsed, over her failure to get a child. Betty who was introduced to the All Believers Chapel by a friend who is also a member of the church, urged her to join the church from her Charismatic church, so pastor Anyiam can help her have a child. Betty was dare in need of the child, and never said no when she was introduced to the church on the first Friday of July 2020.

Whiles others were prevented from going to church because of the directives on churches, Anyiam and his congregants meet every Friday evening to perform a prayer session for their souls. They believed that, their souls needed prayers to stay alive so they never gave up in meeting every Friday night, and kept meeting from there. On the first Friday of July 2020, was when Betty met Pastor Anyiam who gave her a shocking revelations on her family, which was all true. Betty came from birth through certain circumstances, and that by the pastor, prevented her from having a child.

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The pastor illustrated that, the gods which Betty was taken from, was a god of war with the spirit of flesh blood, and that god was relying on Betty for all the blood it needed, and that was why she wasn’t able to deliver any child to her husband. Betty was in deed taken from a god because, any child the mother had, the child died. And Betty was the only child that did not die, after the parents visited a shrine in the Ekulu town. They were given procedures to follow, and Betty came peacefully and didn’t pass away just like the previous children of her parents.

The name Betty was given to her by the shrine priest, signifying the aberrations of the god they served. Betty is not Beatrice as many may take the full meaning for, but Betty as in Betty, and that is her real name before her surname. Betty agreed to the prayer session often and was among the first people to be at the chapel every Friday night, for their prayer service. They met around 9:30 and closed before 10:30 in the evening of every Friday.

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Pastor Jeremiah on her 31 service all night prayers, revealed that, Betty was going to have her child this year 2021. And Betty who never knew she was even expecting, was told by the pastor to go for testing the next day, if he was wrong. The pastor, he only knew how he knows his prophesies, was right when Betty went to the hospital and found out, she was four weeks into the journey. That was all on the 31 December night, few hours to 2021. Betty became trusted to the pastor’s words and did everything he said, because she was surprised to how the pastor gave revelations about her that were all true.

Betty was at the Friday session of their usual prayers on the 19 of March 2021, when a revelation of someone trying to murder Betty came up. The pastor instructed his boys to bring a holy wine, which from postmortem report, wasn’t a substance that should be given to anyone to drink. The pastor used the Holy Wine and blessed it for Betty to drink, to break any death plots against her. Betty was ok after drinking the wine, and was ok on the Saturday 20 March, which was the following day. Betty complained of stomach ache on Sunday 21 March, and was admitted to the hospital. She died the same day, and the family of her, never spared the husband for destroying her.

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Betty’s family blamed her husband of murdering her so he can marry someone who can give birth for him, and insults were directed to the poor husband. Some even went to the extreme pain of attacking the husband in his house, over Betty’s death. A postmortem report, which became available on Thursday 25 March 2021, read that, Betty died from complications of antiseptic disinfectants. The husband quickly remembered the tales of Betty telling him about the wine the pastor gave her on the 19 March, which tasted odd and the husband made complaints to the Awomaso police, where Pastor Jeremiah was arrested. The pastor who was arrested this morning, has since denied any wrong doings of giving Betty a disinfectant, but the picture which was taken in the church proved otherwise. He will be arranged before court on Monday 29 March 2021, for the murder of Betty Frimpong.


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