Newly Released List Of Stubborn Schools In Ghana, Check Your School

Top most stubborn Senior High Schools (SHS) in Ghana 2022. Ghana as a nation can boast of having over five hundred (500) senior high schools across its sixteen regions. All though these schools have the same goal in that they are dedicated to learning, they differ in certain areas. Some of these include their academic prowess, quality of education given, appearance, school uniforms, and others.

Every school does its best to give these young ones the best education so they can come out as future leaders. But some students are born naturally stubborn and they pass through the school instead of the school pass through them.

A lot has been said about the best Senior High Schools in Ghana. However, there is not much information about which of these schools are perceived to be stubborn. This is definitely not a measure of the schools’ academic prowess, but rather the students’ behavior.

Every SHS has something that it is known for, and for some schools, the reputation is not a good one. What are the most stubborn SHS in Ghana?

Some of the reputations that the schools have are not accurate, and some are just clichés. In some cases, the school has changed, but it hasn’t managed to shake off that image. The schools in this list are those that are seen as the most stubborn in Ghana.

Most stubborn Senior High Schools (SHS) in Ghana

The word stubborn can be interpreted in different ways. The dictionary definition is “having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially despite good arguments or reasons to do so.” Stubborn also means been persistent and very difficult to handle and manage. The schools in this list have in one way or another fallen into this category and have gained a reputation for their strong will behavior.

  1. Adisadel College:
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We can’t talk about stubborn SHS in Ghana without mentioning the great Adisco. It was founded in 1910 and is a Cape Coast, Ghana, Anglican education institution.

Despite the struggles with Opoku Ware Senior High School and Mfanstipim Senior High School, they won the 2016 Brilliant Science & Math Quiz. They are a SANTAMOGA associate, and rumor has it that they are very jealous partners in the Mfanstiman Girls Senior High School (MHG). You go at your own risk next to their women.

The students are known as the perfect bad boys. The school is a great institution, and the grades that the students get are proof of that.

Although their academic performance is great, the students also tend towards being very rowdy. The boys are known to enjoy breaking the rules. The Honorable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, entrepreneur and Parliamentary Assin Central, is one of their most famous old students.

2. St. Augustine’s College:

St Augutine’s College was established in 1930, by the Roman Catholic Church.

The motto of the college is Omnia Vincit Labor, which means “Perseverance conquers All”.

Does their motto influence them? One might certainly think so. Their alliance with Holy Child Senior High School is well–known. Are they “angels”?

Well, that is a matter of personal judgment, as their spirit of perseverance is rumored to go both ways – for good causes and for the not-so-good ones.

This most stubborn boy school in Ghana have pulled off a lots of hard stunts, like coming from the back to win their opponents in Quizzes. They don’t give up easily, They fight till the end. this makes them one of the most stubborn SHS in Ghana.

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3.Wesley Girls High School:

You did expect to see ladies in this list right? well Wesley Girls are repping live. Wesley Girls is another SHS that was founded in 1836. The school is located on Cape Coast.

It was named after John Wesley, who founded the school all those years ago. The girls from this school are known to feel superior to others.

This is not necessarily a bad trait, but it is bound to make students from other schools think that the girls are very stubborn. The girls from Wesley are taught to think highly of themselves, which translates into their interaction with others. These girls have proven they are one of the most stubborn girls in Schools In Ghana. Their ability to kick the butts of boys in competition is a must-watch.

  1. Mfantsipim College:

This educational facility, built by the Methodist Church in 1876 on Cape Coast, can hardly be missed if it focuses on Ghana ‘s senior schools. Also known as “Kwabotwe, in a myriad areas a niche has been built.

They won the National Science and Maths Quiz editions in 1999 and 2014. The “ladies guys” are his pupils, according to common views. Surely they know how to sweet Eve’s daughter who is coming. Don’t mess with these stubborn Cape Coast boys, they will cane you.

  1. Pope John Senior High School:

Founded in 1958 in Effiduase, Koforidua, the Pope John Senior High School is based in Koforidua. They are also seen and heard, singing hyms and anthems in public places as a Catholic school. The school chorus is just a cynosis to both eyes.

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Both are also known for their love of basketball, a sport both want to “flex” whenever they can do it. It is understood that students were trapped in countless avoidable circumstances. Not unusual are collisions with fellow schools. There is not so much uncertainty about their reputation for notoriety.

Yes, if you attended Pope John, the first question you will be asked is “You dey Boogie?”. Pope John is known to be the hub of dancing in SHS circles. They have some of the best dancers you can find anywhere and when it comes to academics they excel too

  1. Presbyterian Boys Senior High School:

Presbyterian Boys High School was founded in 1938, which is popularly known as Presec. The school is in close contact with the Aburi Girls Senior High School, its “partner.” On five times, PRESEC won the Brilliant Science & Math Competition. They are truly proud to be brainy. Notorious? Notorious? In areas, in school uniforms, one can easily find students and thus have several questions.

The desire to comply with laws and regulations is also personal in the context of one. We can’t talk about the most stubborn schools in Ghana without mentioning Presec, these boys have 6 Maths and Science Quiz Trophies to their name.

In its over 80 years of existence, the school gained a reputation that has been quite difficult to get rid of. The boys are known to get into all kinds of mischief when out of school. What makes this worse is that they do so when wearing their school uniform, which makes them very recognizable    

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