“Justice for Short People”: Lady Stands on Chair So Her Hand Can Reach Gas Cooker, Kitchen Video Goes Viral

A video of a lady cooking while standing on a chair has gone viral and elicited funny social media reactions

In the TikTok clip, the girl was captured from the back, showing how high the kitchen counter is for her She made use of the chair so that her hand can reach the gas cooker placed on top of the high kitchen counter

A TikTok video has shown a pretty lady cooking while standing on a chair. The video shared by  shows that the kitchen counter is so high that she needed support to reach the gas cooker.

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People tackled Tolu, the man who shared the video for making his kitchen counter so high.

Once on the chair, she could be seen in the video stirring her soup with passion.

It was not confirmed if the kitchen is hers, but it appears she was cooking for another person.

Watch the video HERE


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