5 tricks to grow your beard faster

That is probably why ‘grow the beard faster is one of the most popular search phrases on Google.

Pulse brings you 5 tricks to grow your beard faster.

1. Exfoliate your skin

You should use a scrub or a skin exfoliant, once every week, to remove dead skin cells. The removal of this dead cells will stimulate new hair growth.

Try an exfoliating mask by applying the product to your face and leave it on for a period of time, usually between ten and thirty minutes, before rinsing it off.

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2. Increase the amount of protein in your diet

Diet contributes a lot to the body changes and growth. Protein found in meat, fish, eggs, and nuts will grow facial hair faster.

3. Keep a clean skin

Wash your face every morning and night with warm water and a mild cleanser.A clean skin encourages small hair to grow.

4. Rest well

Your damage skin cells will repair themselves as you sleep. And once the damaged cells are repaired, there will be room for the beard to grow.

  1. Consume more minerals and vitamins (fruits)
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In addition to eating better, you should also incorporate more vegetables and fruits in your diet, because they are rich in the minerals and vitamins that the hair needs in order to grow more rapidly.


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