Female SHS Students Subject To “Atopa” As Punishment On Campus [Watch Video]

It has always been the norm that, everyone wants to experience something for the very first time when they get to the Senior High School which they can be able to talk about when they meet their peers from other schools.

Some get to face certain punishments that may seem meaningless from seniors but all the same try their best to get them done within the time frame apportioned them. Others fail to beat the time frame and end up get tagged by these seniors as arrogant.

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A video trending online covers SHS students who were seen lying with their front facing the ground and bouncing on the floor as termed “atopa” when they get flogged by these senior mates.

As the parents of these students know their wards to be focusing on their studies, it is Soo surprising what they are engaging themselves in.

The big question here is where are the teachers before this is happening on the lands of their institution. The teachers are supposed to have their eyes on the students in this era as most of them get convinced by bad peer influences so easily.

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Watch the video below:


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