Debates encompassing the proposed Cape Coast airport and matters emerging.

On saturday, August 22, 2020, the choice New Patriotic Party (NPP) dispatched its 2020 Manifesto at the University of Cape Coast. During the administration, various speakers kept an eye on the social event, advancing the achievements of the choice Government and giving highlights of the get-together’s developmental arrangement for the accompanying four years when reappointed.

Debates encompassing the proposed Cape Coast airport and matters emerging.

Unmistakably, the possibility of those talks starting now and into the foreseeable future has been the affirmation made by the Vice President and the officeholder President’s running mate, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, with the end goal that the accompanying NPP government would develop an air terminal in Cape Coast.

In spite of the way that the Vice President furthermore examined the structure of a harbor in Cape Coast, next to no disturbance has been made regarding that suggestion. This infers there is a wide affirmation of that idea. Taking everything into account, Ghana has two huge harbors arranged in Tema and Takoradi hence a third one won’t be abnormal, and Cape Coast has all the earmarks of being an ideal spot to discover it. Along these lines, while there is apparently next to no inconsistency regarding the establishment of a harbor at Cape Coast, there is a huge load of conversation at present on the proposed air terminal for Cape Coast.

Through my eyes, the discussion incorporating the proposed Cape Coast Airport is an aftereffect of two guideline factors. One, not long before the Vice President’s revelation, the President was met at ATL FM of the University of Cape Coast and found out if Cape Coast would get an air terminal and he had tended to that it would depend upon need assessment and requesting.

The President’s response and way during the gathering didn’t show to various that he maintained the chance of an air terminal for Cape Coast. In like manner, the presentation by his Vice President overpowered various spectators. Exactly as expected, some Ghanaians are making a political capital out of this, proposing either the President had no idea what was in the Manifesto or something different, the Vice President made that revelation unexpectedly due to political accommodation.

Exactly as expected, party communicators of the choice framework have vigorously shielded the President, battling the last might not want to leave behind the “secret” before its presentation.

Two, I in like manner feel that the request on the minds of various Ghanaians is whether during this period of Ghana’s new development, Cape Coast and Ghana additionally, quite an air terminal. This is taught by the path that there are numerous knickknack adventures specked the country over that were worked with residents’ money and starting now and into the foreseeable future not viably use.

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The Komenda Sugar producing plant and the Ho Airport, some school and housing workplaces, among others, immediately ring a bell. Thusly, from the point of view of some Ghanaians, including social savants and trained professionals, it is by and large on this score of sensibility and utility that the discussions on the proposed Cape Coast Airport should be locked in.

As an inhabitant of Ghana and not a spectator, a happy indigene of the Central Region, and someone who spent a lot of his school life and early working life as a pastor in Cape Coast, I am excited about the constant discussions on the proposed air terminal for Cape Coast and appropriately wish to bestow my understanding on this issue as follows.

Responses Against the Proposed Cape Coast Airport

So far, famous responses against the proposed Cape Coast Airport have begun from Mr. Kofi Bentil, Vice President of Imani-Africa, who says that notwithstanding the way that he begins from Cape Coast, he feels that an air terminal in that city is a misguided idea. Among others, Mr. Bentil fights that the monetary arrangement for the proposed air terminal should be used to remodel and dualize the Accra-Cape Coast road.

He moreover puts that making a trip to Cape Coast will be extra monotonous than driving there on a dualized road or riding a train. A genuinely practically identical examination has also begun from one Dr. Yakubu Akparibo, a flying expert, who accepts that an air terminal in Cape Coast isn’t sensible because business flights, a critical piece of attainable flying industry, won’t be open in Cape Coast. Furthermore, Dr. Akparibo fights further that there are not many cash supervisors and women in Cape Coast who may disparage the organizations of an air terminal there.

As shown by him, the Accra Airport is as of now huge enough to manage the volumes of air traffic appearing and leaving Ghana subsequently there will be no floods to reroute them to Cape Coast, for example.

It is represented that some Cape Coast indigenes themselves have said they need occupations and not an air terminal like the action and organizations of an air terminal don’t make occupations for people. However, be it as it may, one can say that the responses against the recommendation to create an air terminal in Cape Coast center primarily around the last’s closeness to Accra which has Ghana’s critical air terminal, the fear that the air terminal may not be vilified by virtue of “nonappearance of cash chiefs and women” who will require its organizations and the probability that a dualization of the Accra-Cape Coast turnpike will support a less complex, snappier and more accommodating drive between the two metropolitan zones.

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Sponsorship for the Proposed Cape Coast Airport

The best partner of the proposed air terminal idea is the who made the statement, the Vice President himself. Chatting on the Kokrokoo program on Peace 104.3 FM in Accra on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, the Vice President guarded the necessity for an air terminal in the old capital. According to him, the movement business potential in Cape Coast among various parts legitimize the necessity for an air terminal in the Central Regional capital.

Past the Vice President, momentous assistance for the proposed air terminal has similarly begun from Mr. Kojo Yankah, Founder and President of the Africa University College of Communications (AUCC), Accra. Mr. Yankah, who served effectively in Cape Coast as the Central Regional Minister, states among others, that inspirations driving the movement business legitimize the necessity for an air terminal in Cape Coast, ensuring that he will do a full survey later to state more clarifications behind supporting the recommendation.

There is no vulnerability that the two recently referenced spots of investigation and support that have invited the recommendation to make an air terminal in Cape Coast will continue being a subject of a ton of conversations and discussions in the country for a long time to come.

My Position on the Proposed Cape Coast Airport

One, I have a great assessment of the dispute enveloping the suggestion has come to fruition because of the period wherein we are. This year is a political race year and thus various people acknowledge that the announcement to collect an air terminal in Cape Coast was made just to win the assistance and votes of the people of Cape Coast and the Central Region other than. Safeguards of this view allude to the President’s response to the point the prior night on ATL FM to legitimize their position. Methinks that what Ghanaians should demand from the choice party is whether this thinking is gotten high difference in the NPP 2020 Manifesto, and assuming genuinely, whether or not and how this assignment will deal with into the overall arrangement for the improvement of Cape Coast, the Central Region and the nation all things considered, similarly as how this proposed adventure will be upheld.

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Two, through my eyes, I similarly accept that a segment of the responses leveled against the air terminal suggestion are weak and without a doubt, freakish. For example, the dispute that Cape Coast needs occupations more than an air terminal is fundamentally insane.

The two are not absolutely irrelevant. An air terminal advancement offers work opportunities to unlimited amounts of people, including bricklayers, craftsmans, circuit repairmen, jacks of all trades, etc., while a genuine action of an air terminal offers occupations to inestimable amounts of people including pilots and flight gathering, escorts, cargo controllers, labeling authorities, drivers, janitors, heads of gift and souvenir stores, motel bosses and some more.

According to Angela Gitten, Director General of Airports Council International (ACI), “Air terminals have progressed from establishment providers to complex associations that produce great business improvement well past their edges. The grounds including air terminals have become focal concentrations for an extent of monetary activities that bloom with huge distance accessibility.” The proposed air terminal could be a center of much required monetary headway of Cape Coast at whatever point masterminded well.

Additionally, the improvement of an air terminal and its movement doesn’t suggest that any remaining business creation streets have halted. I don’t envision that any right-figuring Government will expect that building up an air terminal in a particular town or Region is the panacea to such Region’s joblessness issues. That will be unfathomable no ifs, ands or buts.

Since 1992, the Central Region has been a critical decider in Ghana’s choices, giving pioneers and votes to both the NPP and NDC, yet at that point, openings for work for the people of Cape Coast and the Central Region, continue remaining elusive, and the Region sadly keeps on lingering the fourth least blessed district in the country.


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