Covid-19 Vaccine Turns Woman’s Legs Into ‘Giant Blisters’ And Left Her In A Wheelchair [See Photos]

A young lady Sarah, of Glasgow, has been left in a wheelchair after she developed giant blisters on her legs after getting vaccinated.

The young lady who has suffered a severe reaction to a Covid vaccine is still encouraging others to take the vaccine. Sarah Glasgow took to social media to share images of her blistered legs on her sickbed. Sarah’s blisters started like a rash which spread all over the body and face, the Daily Record reports.

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According to reports from Daily records, the young lady suffered a side-effect from the AstraZeneca vaccine she took. Sarah disclosed how she started to see rashes on her legs a few days after getting vaccinated. She called her GP but ended up going to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital’s A&E department after the blisters spread across her body.

She said: “I ended up asking my husband to take me to A&E and when I got there, my heart rate was sitting at 160bpm which they were very concerned about.

“I got put on an ECG machine. “Once they found out that it was a reaction to the vaccine, they put me on steroids and that really seems to be helping my progress.

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“I’m currently using a wheelchair as well just because I can’t walk with my legs getting bandaged up every day and the blisters on the souls of my feet. For the first eight to nine days, I was on quite a bit of morphine but I started to gradually come off the stronger stuff.”.

Sarah however praised the staff of the hospital after being allowed to recover at home on April 12.



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