Check Out The Top 10 Shortest Football Players In The World – 2022

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. And in this article, we’ll let you know about the top 10 shortest soccer players in the world who, with their not much height, have proved themselves as among the best footballers in the world. So here’s a glimpse of these players with no fear and no hesitation in playing the game. Take a look and enjoy browsing!

Shortest Football Players In The World In 2022

  1. Alexis Sanchez (5 feet 6-1/2 inches)

  2. Joe Allen (5 feet 6 inches)

  3. Madson Formagini Caridade (5 feet 3 inches)

  4. Levi Porter (5 feet 3 inches

  5. Maximiliano Moralez (5 feet 2 inches)

  6. Rui Gil Soares de Barros (5 feet 2 inches)

  7. Jafal Rashed Al-Kuwari (5 feet 1 inch)

  8. Marcin Garuch (5 feet 1 inch)

  9. Daniel Alberto Villalva Barrios (5 feet 0.63 inches)

  10. Élton José Xavier Gomes (5 feet 0.63 inches)

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So, these were the shortest football players in the world in 2022.


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