Check out the 4 interesting facts you should know about your tongue

The tongue is a muscular organ located in the mouth and it is very essential to the digestive system. It is responsible for manipulating food in the mouth and enables chewing and swallowing. There are some other facts you probably never knew about your tongue.

1.It has unique imprints

It is said that your fingerprints are the only ones with unique prints. It is also the same with your tongue. No one has the same tongue prints like yours even your biological mother or father. Every person has got his own tongue prints.

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2.It can say more about your health

The normal tongue of a healthy person is supposed to be pink in colour. If at all you notice any colour change in your tongue, you could be suffering from a certain problem. For instance, if your tongue is white, you are likely to have a fungal infection and if it is yellow in colour it could be your stomach has a problem.

3.Women have shorter tongues than men

Tongues also vary in length from one person to the other. It is said that men have much longer tongues as compared to women. A woman who has a long tongue is said to be 2.7 inches long.

4.It is the most flexible organ

A tongue is a small organ and is very flexible than any other organ in the human body. It can manipulate any kind of food in your mouth.


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