All Vodafone Data Bundle Codes In Ghana (2021)

All Vodafone Ghana Data Bundle Codes (2021). Contrary to the popular perception amongst Ghanaians, Vodafone is still one of the coolest telcos in the country.

With quite a sizeable market share in the Ghanaian Telecom space, Vodafone Ghana stands as a formidable alternative to MTN.

Amongst the numerous services offered by the Telecom giant, Internet access is one. The Internet and its access is a growing space in the Ghanaian ecosystem.

With its ability to connect people all over the world and to provide entertainment to all, the demand for internet data is high. In Ghana, Vodafone Ghana undoubtedly provides some of the cheapest data bundles available.

Whether you need something for your weekly browsing, for videos, or for your monthly plans, Vodafone has something for you.

In this article, we take a look at all available Vodafone data bundles and the codes for purchasing them in 2021. Hopefully, you find one that is favorable to you and subscribe to it.

Vodafone Ghana Monthly Data Packages

The first data package here on our list is the Vodafone Monthly Data package. We take a look at the various data bundles under this package and the code for accessing them.

Chat Monthly

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The chat monthly Vodafone data bundle is suitable for chatting on various instant messaging or chat apps. It gives you 2GB of data for GHS 20. This bundle lasts for 30 days and can be purchased by dialing 700320#

Starter Monthly

The Vodafone starter monthly bundle is available for a cool GHS 10. With this bundle, you get 550 MB which lasts for 30 days. It can be used for virtually anything. But for its small volume, you may actually avoid using it for videos. To purchase this data, you can dial 700310#

Dual Recharge 50

This data package is a mid-range package for those who go big on social media and a bit of video. With the Dual Recharge package, you can get 5GB data valid for 30 days. To buy, kindly dial 700350#

Downloader Mini

This one is basically for download freaks. If you are fond of downloading music, videos and films online, then the Downloader mini package is just for you. With as low as GHS 60, you can get 7373 MB of data which is approximately 7GB. Like any other Monthly data, this data package lasts for 30 days and can be purchased using 700360#

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Streamer Max

Streamer Max is actually my choice on the list. Maybe because I’m a movie freak and I do just as much with Netflix as I do with water. So yes, the Streamer Max package gives you an amazing 13GB data for just a meagre GHS 100. And this data lasts for one month.

To purchase this bundle, dial 700300#

The above is the monthly data packages available for Vodafone users to choose from. Now, we turn our attention to the Weekly data bundles.

Vodafone Ghana Daily Data Packages

Finally, we take a look at the Vodafone daily bundle Kindly look through to select the one best suitable to you.

Starter Daily

The Starter Daily bundle is arguably the most basic Vodafone data bundle. With just GHS 0.5, you can get 25 MB data. The package is valid for only 24 hours and can be purchased with the shortcode 70010#

Chat Daily

The chat daily bundle provides a smaller but rather cool package for users who only need data for chatting. With this package, you get 130 MB data for just GHS 2. You can buy the bundle by dialling 70012#.

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Browser Max Daily

This data bundle provides you with daily data for general use. Mostly for social media and chats. With just GHS 3, you get 550MB. The code for purchasing this data package is 70013#

Browser Lite Daily

GHS 5 for 1024 MB data. That’s what the Browser Lite Daily data package offers. It specifically good for people who fancy watching videos on Instagram, Tiktok and other social media platforms. You can purchase this data package via 70015#

Downloader Lite Daily

Downloader Lite Daily is the icing on this cake. With this package, you can buy 2560 MB worth of data for GHS 10 only. This data package is valid for 3 days and can be purchased using the code 700110#


Data is more like the fuel of social media. Without data, you can’t access anything on the internet. Vodafone has made data quite affordable in Ghana – with its affordable data bundles.

In this article, we discussed the various Vodafone data packages available and their codes. If you have any questions, comments, or reservations concerning this article, you can kindly get in touch with us or leave a comment below.


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