16 Year Old Disability Girl Spotted Hustling To Feed Her Family [See Photo]

Almost everyone will temporarily or permanently experience disability at some point in their life. In real cases over dozen of people of the global population live with some form of disability and this number is increasing.

This results from the interaction between individuals with a health condition such as Autism, down syndrome and depression as well as personal and environmental factors including negative attitudes, inaccessible transportation and public buildings, and limited social support.

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People with disability experience poorer health outcomes, have less access to education and work opportunities, and are more likely to live in poverty than those without a disability.

But this girl have been spotted on the street selling of pure water with her crutches, to earn some living. Upon being disability, she didn’t use it as an excuse to go and beg but rather making a business to feed herself and the family. She was said to be allegedly around 16years old according to source. May God bless her hustling.

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Her hustling has inspired so many people online, especially the writing words on her attire, “No pain No Gain” this is so touching because even some people without disability will not work and be going around stealing and duping peoples.

Please let’s like, share and also comments an inspiration words in her life. Your prayers too can locate her in wherever she is. Remember also we are in the month of Autism awareness so try let them feel good Thank you.

see photo below


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